Klean Exhibition Charlotte

Klean Exhibition Charlotte

Klean Exhibition 2022 was held in Charlotte, North Caroline on February 5, 2022. This event is not like the others,  this unique indoor exhibition show cases some of the East Coasts most trending vehicles and vendors.

Klean Exhibition 2022 really got the year started. This was the first show in a long time to cover everything from minitrucks, lifted and lowered trucks, lowriders, imports, race and track cars, classics/restomods, sport compact, ect… If it had a motor, it was at the show! (yes, including lawn mowers.  When they meant anything, they meant ANYTHING)

You also had plenty of teams in the house representing the area, vendors spread out throughout the venue that was packed full of vehicles. If there was any room for one more vendor or team to come in, the KE crew would’ve had it in.

During the event you had pie eating contest, live dj, bikini and dancing contest and of course many awards for top 50 and specialty.  With Klean Exhibition 2022 having every sort of vehicle you could have, it meant that the crowd was filled with all different people.

It was an amazing time between the vendors, contests, DJ, rides, and of course the crowd.  It always makes for an amazing event we you have a wide range of people come together to enjoy the same thing!

Klean Exhibition 2022 has many different locations that they showcase rides at, and if you are in one of the surrounding areas and you want your vehicle in the show, you better hurry!  The spots fill fast and we wont want you to miss out!

Overall, the fans made this show happen and we cannot wait to see what next year will have in store for this event!

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