Klean Exhibition Myrtle

  • Pelican's Stadium, Myrtle Beach
  • October 14, 2023


Event Info

Car Show at the Beach

What could be better?

Myrtle beach is already known as a popular vacation destination. We figured we'd kick it up a notch by hosting an event there!

The venue is located in close proximity to shopping, restaurants, entertainment and the beach! And of course you can expect this show to feature some outside the box events making it an entertaining time for anyone!

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Klean Exhibition Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach Pre-Meet


Official announcement


K1 Speed Myrtle Beach

K1 Speed is making it a drift night! Races will be $10 to meet attendees ONLY. They will close the facility down to the public from 6pm-10pm

Come post up your ride in the designated meet parking, try your hand at drifting on the track, grab a drink and eats at their canteen, and hang out in the lounge! It's going to be a fun time!

K1 Speed is the world’s fastest indoor go kart racing experience. So what makes K1 Speed unique? Well, where do we start?! The indoor track and use of 100-percent, all-electric karts. Forget about the lawn mower-powered go-karts of your youth. Their European-style electric karts are high-performance machines, producing tremendous torque and horsepower from advanced electric motors. These zero-emission karts outperform their gas-powered counterparts while being better for the environment, quieter, and arguably, easier to drive. Don’t have to worry about stalling the engine or dropping out of the power band in a tight corner –their electric motors produce maximum torque at all speeds! Race wheel-to-wheel at speeds approaching 45 mph on an indoor track!

Vehicle Registration

VIP InField (Acceptance Only)
$ 60
per vehicle
  • Includes admission for driver only!
  • Premium parking spot

Spectator Ticket

General Admission
$ 25
per person
  • Faster entry
  • Includes all attractions






Classes & Awards


Day of Show

Roll-In Info

Detailed information will be posted here and emailed closed to the event.

Detailed information will be posted here and emailed closer to the event.

Our check-in process is done completely electronically using a smartphone app containing all of your information and images of your vehicle(s). When you arrive, all you need is to give us your name you registered with.

All Vehicles must match our registration records, we reserve the right to turn away any vehicle that isn’t in the condition in which it was submitted. Please ensure your vehicle is clean aesthetically. This is a first come, first park event unless told or emailed otherwise by Klean Exhibition management.

If you are an AUTHORIZED vendor booth vehicle, you must arrive with them (NO ACCEPTIONS)

IF we offer an early roll-in day (if your available to roll in early, PLEASE try to – this will guarantees better placement and team staging)

Vehicles must have 1/4 tank or LESS of gas to enter the building.

Unless already approved, or a vendor, no large displays, tables or selling/distributing marketing materials.

*NO smoking or vaping inside the venue
*NO outside food or drinks
*NO playing audio inside the venue – We have the entertainment covered!